Name and Location:

  My name is Ryan and I'm from southeast Michigan, Hockeytown: Thé home of the Detroit Red Wings!!

Lets Go Red Wings!!.... Lets Go Red Wings!!....Lets Go Red Wings!!


  I'm working full time at an engineering firm.  I graduated with my Associates of Applied Science/CAD degree in March 1999.  I am clean of drugs, don't smoke, but I drink occasionally.

Hobbies and Interests:

  I enjoy hockey, basketball, drafting, computers, rollerblading, biking, drums, playing pool, shooting darts, the outdoors, all types of music (except opera and gospel), etc.

-Place mouse here-

I'm part owner in a computer company around the Detroit, MI area.
We sell new computers and service all computers new and used.

Platinum Computers, L.L.C.

"For all you're computer needs"

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My PhoneFree# is 105206     My ICQ# is 8991015

I hate MacintoshApple Sucks!!