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Discovery Travel
13115 West Warren Ave
Dearborn, MI  48126
Ph. (313) 581-6500

Platinum Computers has recently been hired to RE-Wire Discovery Travel in Dearborn Michigan.   Here is a STEP-BY-STEP pictorial of the events that took place!!!

Discovery Travel has 4 workstations in the main area of their facility, and one in the back room!!!

Dis_Trav_6.JPG (23581 bytes) Dis_Trav_4.JPG (21934 bytes) Dis_Trav_5.JPG (24960 bytes) Dis_Trav_2.JPG (25083 bytes) 

Discovery Travel also had a previous "stone age" network still in place!!

Dis_Trav_7.JPG (17816 bytes)

Old Patch Panel

Dis_Trav_2.JPG (25083 bytes) Dis_Trav_3.JPG (13399 bytes)

New Patch Panel Installed

Dis_Trav_8.JPG (13984 bytes) Dis_Trav_11.JPG (16059 bytes) Dis_Trav_26.JPG (15096 bytes) 
Dis_Trav_20.JPG (10374 bytes) Dis_Trav_21.JPG (11551 bytes) Dis_Trav_25.JPG (14733 bytes) Dis_Trav_27.JPG (13401 bytes)Dis_Trav_45.JPG (20906 bytes) Dis_Trav_43.JPG (27667 bytes) Dis_Trav_46.JPG (19105 bytes) Dis_Trav_44.JPG (20681 bytes)Dis_Trav_47.JPG (16562 bytes) Dis_Trav_48.JPG (15731 bytes) Dis_Trav_49.JPG (18858 bytes) Dis_Trav_50.JPG (16803 bytes)

Remember that "stone age" existing network......GONE!!

Dis_Trav_13.JPG (10326 bytes)

Old Wall Jacks

Dis_Trav_35.JPG (15666 bytes) Dis_Trav_9.JPG (20112 bytes) Dis_Trav_18.JPG (14015 bytes)

Installation of NEW Wall Jacks

Dis_Trav_10.JPG (10408 bytes) Dis_Trav_33.JPG (10748 bytes) Dis_Trav_16.JPG (20980 bytes) 

The Wall Jack Used 

Dis_Trav_36.JPG (13820 bytes) Dis_Trav_37.JPG (12986 bytes) Dis_Trav_38.JPG (13894 bytes) Dis_Trav_39.JPG (14260 bytes) 
Dis_Trav_40.JPG (12755 bytes)
Dis_Trav_41.JPG (13979 bytes)

The guys who did the work

Dis_Trav_14.JPG (21628 bytes) Dis_Trav_42.JPG (21292 bytes)

Dis_Trav_22.JPG (19551 bytes) Dis_Trav_29.JPG (15408 bytes)

Curtis was also there and did a large amount of work, Including taking all the pictures.  Thanks Curtis!

The Owner of Discovery Travel
(The sleeping lasted all of about 5 minutes)
Dis_Trav_12.JPG (30626 bytes)    Dis_Trav_31.JPG (24654 bytes)

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